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Canadian Ambassador Sued for Defaming Documentary Film Maker steven schnoor

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Listen to the CBC “As it Happens” Interview with Steven Schnoor:

Listen to the CBC “As it Happens” Interview with the CEO of Canadian mining company Skye Resources:

Watch CTV W5 "Paradise Lost: Are Canadian mining companies giving us a bad reputation abroad?"
W5, Paradise Lost

Read about the El Estor evictions in “This Magazine”

Read about the El Estor evictions in “The Dominion Paper”


Watch Steven Schnoor’s documentary film:

Watch Canada’s former Ambassador to Guatemala, James Lambert[1], promote Canadian mining interests on the Guatemalan Television show “"Libre Encuentro" (English Subtitles)

Part I

Part II


See a photo journal that chronicles the eviction of hundreds of Q’eqchi’ Mayan families from lands around El Estor taken by photographer James Rodríguez.  These are the photographs that the former Ambassador to Guatemala falsely said were stock photographs taken during Guatemala’s civil war.  Click on the images below to see parts I, II, and III of the photo journal.

Part I:

Photo journal part one

Part II:

Photo journal part 2

Part III:

Photo journal part 3

Two years after the evictions, James returned to El Estor and spoke with the woman the Ambassador claimed was a paid actress.  Read about what she had to say about the Ambassador’s accusations:

Return to El Estor

[1] Lambert was predecessor to Kenneth Cook, the former ambassador who is presently being sued. Lambert was subsequently promoted to the position of Director General, Latin America & Caribbean, DFAIT.